This year has been full to the brim of history book worthy events. I encountered events that were completely unexpected and life-changing. But, I can honestly say I’ve learned so much about myself, other people, the world around me, and what I want for myself. Here are the 12 things I’ve learned in 2020:

1. Your foundation is everything

I’ve been able to endure the storms this year has brought me because of the things I learned and experienced as a child. My parents and family system gave me a solid foundation that continues to support me today.

2. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Changing your mind based on new information is a sign of wisdom. Forget what everyone else thinks and has to say and do what best for you.

3. Family comes from unexpected places.

My mom taught me that the people I share DNA with will be my family no matter what. But I can also create a family with people who aren’t related to me at all. I'm happy to say that I’ve been able to create family members out of great friends, at times when I needed them the most.

4. Be ok with who you are no matter what.

There will always be someone who has a problem with who I am, the way I think, or the way I operate. I can spend energy being upset with what they think, or I can double down on being the best person possible. I choose the latter.

5. Black women always save the day.

Time and time again, 2020 has shown us that Black Women are the backbone of society and that we are true gems. I'm choosing to revel in that and show up authentically in all spaces. I’m confident that when I do, I have the power to influence change.

6. I have everything I need. Full stop.

At the beginning of the year, I thought I needed material things to achieve happiness and success. After I lost most of those things, I realized that it isn’t the tangibles that will help me reach my goals; it is my mindset.

7. Every step is necessary

Even the small ones! That’s why I emphasize celebrating even the small wins in the Black Girl Boss Community. Every step we take is necessary to groom, teach, and prepare us for the end goal.

8. Consistency is currency.

Before people buy into whatever you’re selling, they watch to see if you are consistent. It isn’t one big win that gets you to the finish line. It's consistent small wins that show your patience, dedication, and work ethic.

9. People are rooting for you even if they don’t show themselves

Even though there aren't people jumping up to shout me out on social media, I know I’m making an impact. I have to rest firmly in this and continue to do high-quality work.

10. Don’t allow circumstances to break you.

Circumstances are like the wind; forever changing. Don’t allow less-than-ideal circumstances to make you throw in the towel and give up. Rely on a strong and positive mindset to help you change your mind when you can't change the circumstance.

11. Do the work while you wait.

While you’re waiting for things to fall together, work on things that bring you joy, and fall in line with your goals. You may see a new angle, form a pivotal relationship, or get a crucial opportunity that makes all the difference.

12. My best is yet to come.

I’m just getting started in life! My best days and greatest works are still ahead of me so I’m going to keep pushing forward.

2020 has been a pivotal year and Im excited about what 2021 brings!

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