What keeps you going when things get tough?

How do you move forward and continue progressing?

Do you wallow in the negative or pull yourself up by focusing on the positive?

In 2014, I was diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety. At the time I had just gone through a major break up, I was struggling to keep up with my coursework and was in the process of joining a sorority.

The diagnosis helped me make sense of all my emotions at the time.

Since then, I’ve been learning how to manage my depression and anxiety through communication, work-life balance, and personal development.

But, I’ll be completely transparent. Some days my diagnosis gets the best of me.

I realized that overcoming depression and anxiety is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process that starts with mindset and beliefs.

When my mindset beliefs about myself are positive, the effects show up in all areas of my life. I’m able to operate with confidence, be creative and productive, foster healthy relationships, and, most importantly,  limit triggering events.

To bolster a positive outlook on myself and my life and to help me bounce back when I begin to feel the symptoms of depression, I use affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that help you overcome negative or self-sabotaging  thoughts and behaviors.

Affirmations are usually, “I” or “I am” statements that reflect who or what you aspire to have or experience.

There are many situations you can use affirmations for

General affirmations about self and life


Relationships and Family

Business and Carrer

Health and Wellness

Future aspirations

There are several ways you can implement affirmations in your daily life

Write them down in present tense

Say them to yourself

Look in the mirror and say them out loud

Record yourself as you say the affirmations and play them when you’re meditating or when you’re falling asleep

I take a few deep breaths and say my affirmations to myself when I feel overwhelmed or sad. They help me reprogram my mind from negative to positive thinking

Here is a list of 16 affirmations I say to combat depression and anxiety


  1. I am great at what I do
  2. I am living a purpose-filled life
  3. I love a fulfilled file
  4. I am a source of energy
  5. I have everything I need
  6. I am a source of wisdom
  7. I am great
  8. I am a great communicator
  9. I create amazing content
  10. I will reach my financial goals
  11. I am creating a life I love
  12. I am making an impact
  13. I attract high-quality clients
  14. I am a powerful creator
  15. I am loved
  16. I am operating in divine timing

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