Welcome to the first edition of Black Girl Boss Spotlight! Twice a month, a Black Girl Boss from our community and her business will be featured on all of our platforms. Our first boss is Deanna Fowler, CEO of DeeCluttered Professional Organizing. Deanna has been a dedicated member of the Black Girl Boss Collective since she joined our tribe earlier this year, so I'm excited to be highlighting her and her business this week. I've admired her drive to build a successful business and her willingness to break out of her comfort zone to see results. Deanna is a resident of Birmingham, Alabama, and offers a range of services to help busy moms and boss babes organize their homes and bring calmness to their lives. Check out our interview:

Chelsea M: How did you get the concept for your business? 

Deanna F: I've always been a very organized person, even as a child, and was encouraged by my family and friends to turn my skills into a source of extra income. I initially launched DeeCluttered as a side hustle to my career as a nonprofit program director, but have transitioned it over to a full-time focus after my organization closed in June due to the pandemic. My business is unique in the professional organizing space because I have a holistic approach to organization - organizing your home is great but if your lifestyle is still chaotic you won't be able to enjoy it! So I like to work with clients to organize all areas of their lives.  

CM: How does your business reflect your overall mission in life?

DF: I initally went to college to become a physician and ended up switching to a career in community health as a public health professional, so my whole life has had a focus on helping others. I've been able to transfer this mission over into DeeCluttered as well by helping people in a different way. The vibe and look of a space definitely impacts our mental health, so helping clients take a room from chaotic to calm is a way I can help them improve their outlook on their lives and reduce the stress and anxiety that can negatively influence our mental health. The same applies to helping clients discover their unique productivity strategies and organize things like their finances and schedule. 

CM: Who inspires you and why?

DF: I'm really inspired by women who are able to successfully balance multiple focuses - like entrepreneurs running multiple businesses and moms who manage their business while raising awesome kids. It takes so much work to just do one of those things so to be able to successfully do both is just amazing to me. 

CM: What does community mean to you?

DF: Community is all about support to me. I think a strong community is based on a shared interest in supporting and helping each other reach goals, without that weird competitive vibe that sometimes happens in the small business community. Few things are better than being able to surround yourself with people who understand what you're going through and support you in your efforts.

CM: How do you define success? 

DF: I define success by the number of people I'm able to help in improving their quality of life. Because I offer assistance with everything from organizing spaces to finances, I'm able to empower clients to work on their entire life and create changes that positively impact them for years.

CM: What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with the Black Girl Boss Collective Community? 

DF: My one piece of advice for the Black Girl Boss Co community is to lead with your passions and talents. It's easy to look at beauty and boutique businesses and think that they're the way you should go when starting your own business, but if they don't reflect your personality and interests it'll take a lot more effort to make it successful. Entrepreneurship is definitely a lot of work, but if you're able to find a customer problem or need that you can solve using your unique talents it can also be a lot of fun!

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