Meet Black Girl Boss, Dotrell McNeal, CEO of Your Confidence Matters. Dotrell makes it her business to show up for other business women, helping to build their confidence so they can show up in their own businesses. This Florida resident offers an 8 week Clarity, Confidence & Courage program to do just that. Keep reading to learn more about Lydia.

Chelsea M: How did you get the concept for your business?

Dotrell M: The concept of my business came from my own personal experience with having a lack of self-confidence in certain areas of my life growing up. As I got older and wanted to venture out and try new things I knew that my self-confidence needed a boost. As I decided to step into entrepreneurship I definitely had some confidence issues and it made me realize that if I'm dealing with this I know other NEW entrepreneurs were to.

CM: How does your business reflect your overall mission in life?

DM: My overall mission is to help women ,especially new entrepreneurial women know that their Confidence in everything they do matter matters, their story matter, their purpose matter, and their business matter. I want them to know that they don't need External Validation to validate what's already within them and that their vision gives them permission to be do and have their hearts desires..Confidently

CM: Who inspires you and why?

DM: At this time I don't have just one person who inspires me. I get my inspiration from other women that's doing their thing and killin it, and their not afraid to bring another women up beyond the level she's at now. This let's me know that I can do it too and become successful as well. This gives me inspiration and helps with my own self-confidence.

CM: What does community mean to you?

DM: Having a community is Dope. When a positive community collectively get together there's magic that's about to happen. Especially a community of black women this means alot because we get played down so much especially in business and when we can come together as a community , with confidence oh it's about to be lit lol.

CM: How do you define success?

DM: Success to me is being at peace, being happy, healthy and aligned. When you have all of that everything else that's suppose to be apart of your success will be there (material..monetary & people)

CM: What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with the Black Girl Boss Collective Community? 

DM: I will leave you all with.. You have choices in life and it's up to you to create what you desire. Start being at Cause of your life and stop being in the Effect. Its your responsibility to advance yourself not someone else.

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