As a child, I learned that you get up and go to work Monday through Friday, then you rest and live your regular life on Saturday and Sunday. This is what was modeled for me every single day, so of course I thought this was the best and most productive way to work.

Well clearly it wasn't!

After 6 years of college and 1 year of being in the work force full time, I realized that the normal M-F working schedule wouldn't work for me. My main thought was "How do you get anything outside of work done during the week?" I was truly baffled. How could I get anything done that would add to my well being and growth as a person done before 8 am and after 5 pm. Not to mention for those who have children, how do you give your family the attention that they need during the week if youre burned out after a full day's work.

When I became a full time entrepreneur, I tried my best to keep up the "normal" M-F schedule. But I was seriously lacking. I ended up in a vicious cycle where I had a mixture of high energy to complete my goals accompanied my dread for what the week would bring, that morphed into being completely burnt out by Friday which often led to me missing important deadlines. The weekend was a much needed relief but Sundays were always filled with anxiety about what hadn't been done thee week before and what needed to be done in the coming week.

It got old...FAST!

Then, when combined with the fact that the Grind includes the weekends for solopreneurs, I really wasn't getting much rest or enjoying this time as a budding entrepreneur. I quickly realized that I don’t have much of a balanced life at all! I had been going so hard that my best friend called me a workaholic. Have you ever been called that?

Im now realizing that although balance is a myth, I still have to learn how and when to prioritize my business, my marriage and family, my personal life and most importantly, MYSELF! From experience I've learned that if I dont choose one (or several) day per week to rest or do things I actually enjoy, I will suffer from bouts of anxiety and exhaustion that could have lasting effects on me.

So in an attempt to NOT be a workaholic, I’m taking Monday’s off! That’s right, ! I won’t be stressing with Monday blues or to-do lists longer than my arm. My Monday’s will be for ME! Taking Monday's as a day to rest, relax and recuperate is my version of balance. I know now that I can't do or be everything, that I have to take radical steps to ensure my happiness and well-being.

The first step I took to implement this change in my routine was to let my loved ones know what I planned to do. Once my husband and I were on the same page, about my work schedule, it was much easier to create the boundaries with others.

The next step I took was to make my current clients aware of this change. And much to my surprise, my clients were extremely supportive! The were happy to work with me during the times that I could give them my best, which gave be a freedom that I hadn't known in my business before.

The final step was sticking to the plan. And this one is a work in progress. I've been implementing this new working schedule since July 2019, and in the beginning, It was hard for me to stick to. As a recovering workaholic, it was hard for me to put down my phone, shut down my computer and just do nothing. Especially considering that while I did nothing, my bills did not plan on waiting. But I reminded myself "Take this day to rest, or your body will choose a day for you". I didn't want my body and mind to shut down on me when I need them the most (been there, done that), so I took Mondays seriously. This included blocking any tasks or appointments from being schedule on that day and automating anything else that needed to be done. If it couldn't be automated, then it would simply have to wait.

Now that I'm a few months into this new routine, my anxiety about starting my week has been cut in half and I feel more flow in my business. I can give my best to my family, clients and show up better in my own life now that I've said goodby to Mondays!

So I encourage you to find a schedule that works best for you when it comes to working on your business. Remember:

  • Your business doesn't run without you
  • Rest isn't optional, or a rewards. Its necessary
  • You don't have to work every day to be productive

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