Want To Use Email Marketing In Your Business But...

You're stretched thin and short on time?
You have no idea how to use your email marketing platform?
You don't know how to design emails that are consistent with your branding?
You aren't sure how to be consistent?
You dont know how to manage your subscribers?

Do any of these sound like you?

Email marketing is the most reliable way to connect with your audience!

Its a tool that every business owner should be using, not just to promote your business but to build lasting relationships with past, current, and future customers.

But it takes time to learn how to design emails and use your email marketing platform.

If you answered yes to any of my statements above, then let me some weight off your shoulders with Monthly Email Management!

Is This For You?

This service you if...

You are an established service provider, freelancer, coach, consultant or creative

You have a product or service ready to offer your audience

You have an active online presence whether through social media or consistent website traffic

You want to create a strategy to put your email marketing on AUTOPILOT

You are ready to make a 4-figure monthly investment into your email marketing

Here's What You Can Expect

When you secure email management with the Black Girl Boss Collective, you can expect your email subscribers to be treated like our own!

We will design your emails based on your brand's aesthetic, edit your email content, create a landing pages for subscribers to join your email list and ensure your subscribers receive emails from you on a weekly basis.

And we won't leave you hanging when it comes to strategy!

Before any emails are sent, we'll have a strategy session to map out exactly what your emails will say, the desired outcome, and how to promote your email list for continuous growth.

What Past Client's Had to Say

Tweet from @glossyfinney: "I had the most amazing strategy call with @BlackGirlBossCo yesterday! She taught me so much about email marketing! Im so excited to utilize it to take my business to the next level" Email Marketing Services, Email Management, Emaill Content Strategy www.blackgirkbosscollecive.comEmail from The Funding Magnet: "Hello Chelsea, Thank you so so very much! This is amazing and incredibly helpful. WOW! You went above and beyond what I thought or imagined! Thank you and thank you! " Email Marketing Services, Email Management, Emaill Content Strategy www.blackgirkbosscollecive.com

Are You Ready?

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